Resetting your END. account password

If you need to reset your END. account password, here are some quick steps you can follow to do so:

  • Please access the ‘My Account’ icon, which you can find on our website or app.
  • Enter your email address, and when it prompts you to enter a password, click on the "Forgot your password?" option.
  • Once you click on the option, a box will appear showing the email address you entered for your account. Click on "Continue" and wait for a few moments for a message to show up asking you to check your inbox.
  • You should receive a password reset email within 15 minutes. This email will contain a link that will take you to a web page where you can enter a new password.

We care about your security, so please note that if you enter the wrong password too many times, you may be temporarily locked out of your account. If this happens, don't worry! Just wait for 30-45 minutes and try logging in again. If your password is still not recognized, you can reset it by following the steps mentioned above.

In case you face any issues, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. They will be happy to assist you in sending a Password Reset Email.