Do you price match?

Yes, we are more than happy to price match other online retailers in most instances. To ensure that our price matching is done fairly for everyone, below is a list of our conditions:

The item must be;

  • The item must be full price and not subject to any promotion or sales offers.
  • The item must be available for anyone to buy. We will match the price shown online, not including any additional promotional/member discounts.
  • The item to be price matched has to be identical to the one listed on and currently in-stock on both sites.
  • We cannot price match to the brands website.

We will only price match UK registered companies.

  • Although we are more than happy to do so in almost all situations, we do reserve the right not to alter our listed price.
  • Price matches can not be offered after goods have been purchased.

To arrange a price match please contact our Customer Services team using the details below. Contact before placing your order so we are able arrange your price match as quickly as possible.